Faith Weekly: “You are the man.”

It’s easy to find fault in others.  Most of us do it several times a day.

From the bad driver to the rude store clerk – or more outlandish things like the North Ridgeville humane officer shooting kittens in a family’s backyard – we can be quick to judge and condemn others.  Sometimes even the people closest to us.  And we can be more than a little self-righteous about it.

The scripture lessons for this Sunday (June 16) deliver a little comeuppance for King David and for the Pharisee Simon.  They, like us, are a lot better at seeing others’ sins and shortcomings than their own.

To appreciate the King David story, you might need to pick up a Bible and go back to the start of Chapter 11 of 2 Samuel.  It has the elements of a TV mini-series or soap opera.  Bathsheba attracts the king’s eye and, as the intrigue unfolds, David has her husband Uriah killed.  David doesn’t really understand what he’s done until he is confronted by the prophet Nathan and we get the famous line:  “You are the man.”

Everytime I hear that, I think of that old Sprint TV ad in which the business CEO is intent on “sticking it to the man.”  It’s a hoot.  In a sense, he’s a modern day David in terms of self-awareness.

Here’s a few things to think about as we approach Sunday:  

                What strikes you about either or both of these scripture passages?

      –          What do you make of God’s response to David – or Jesus’ responses to the woman and to the Pharisee?

          What, if anything, do these passages say about our relationship with God – and with other people — today?

There’s no quiz or essay exam involved here.  But if you like, you can respond by clicking on the comment bubble above, e-mail me privately, give me a call, or we can talk about it in church on Sunday.  Or, just give it some thought as you go about your week.

 God’s peace,

 Pastor Mark Rollenhagen