Faith Weekly: ‘We want more!’

I love those AT&T commercials. The ones with the guy in a business suit sitting on the floor, talking with young kids.  I laugh every time.  This one came to mind this week when I was reading the Gospel reading for this Sunday (August 4).

The commercial and the scripture hit on a basic truth:  we all want more.

But contrary to the message of the commercial, it is complicated.

One of my favorite covers of the Christian Century magazine carried this provocative headline:  “God Does Not Love Your 401(k).”  Inside was an essay about the tension between saving and sharing.

Arthur Simon, founder of Bread for the World, wrote an intriguing little book called How Much is Enough?  Hungering for God in an Affluent Culture.

And there are deeper questions beyond the balancing act:

What is it that drives our desire for more?  Do we fear that we won’t have enough?  Do we think our accumulation of possessions says something important about us?

What does this week’s gospel reading have to say to our predicament of always wanting more?

                                                                                           — Pastor Mark Rollenhagen