Faith Weekly: While we wait …

Have you ever had guests coming but didn’t know when they would arrive?  Maybe they were traveling a great distance or maybe they had a prior engagement and weren’t sure when that would end.  Maybe it wasn’t even clear which night or day they would arrive.

Most of us like to know exactly when someone will be coming.  Without an arrival time how are we to figure out when to start scrambling to vacuum, dust and wash the dishes?  Knowing when tends to determine what we do in the meantime.

Biblical scholar Joel Green suggests that in this week’s Gospel passage Jesus is trying to convey the certainty of his coming again and the unpredictability of when that will happen — along with suggestions as to what we do as we wait.

Pastor Brian Stoffregen, whose Biblical interpretation work is available at CrossMarks, adds this:  “Christians know Jesus is coming and we are to live as if he were already here.”

So, how do we do that?  What might people look like when live as though Jesus were already here?  What would a community of faith look like if its people were living as though Jesus were already here?

                                                                    — Pastor Mark Rollenhagen