Faith Weekly: The great divide

We know the two topics to avoid if we want a peaceful holiday dinner with the relatives: politics and religion.  And if some of those relatives are from Michigan, maybe Big Ten sports and Major League Baseball.

Religion can be divisive and, in first century Palestine, Jesus was a flashpoint for conflict. In this Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus flat out says he came not bring peace on earth but rather division.  That’s a lot to think about.    

Go back to a passage we heard a few weeks ago about Jesus forgiving the sinful woman who had washed his feet with her tears.  The people Jesus was having dinner with were appalled and offended.  Nnotice the themes of hypocrisy and inability-to-perceive in both passages.

What is it about Jesus’ actions and teachings that people find so troubling?

Are they still troubling?  Should they be?

                                                                            — Pastor Mark Rollenhagen