Pet-friendly worship hits the road

The monthly Pets Are Welcome Service (PAWS) hits the road for its summer schedule, moving from Sunday afternoons to the following Wednesday nights:

  • June 21 at Our Savior’s
  • July 19 at Rocky River Park
  • August 16 at Our Savior’s (change of location!)

Picnic dinner begins at 6 p.m.; worship at 7 p.m.  Pets are welcome, but not required!


One thought on “Pet-friendly worship hits the road

  1. I went to a camp at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (partnering church with Faith Lutheran) from June 19 – June 23, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. There was 1 important pastor (Pastor Mark), 3 super fun counselors (Skylar, Khamlian, Brennan), 3 helpful volunteers (Elsa, Sophie, Claire), 1 funny helper (Kasey), and 15 wonderful campers (Sean, Cory, Dante, Quenton, Ethan, Christopher, Scarlette, Savannah, Sage, Brendan, Amelia, Kellie, Daniel, Henry, Sadie) there. We sang songs (Herman the Worm, The Princess Pat, Tarzan, Love the Lord your God, Love I’ll Love, At a Time Like This, Jesus in my Boat, and more!), talked about the Holy Bible, made fun crafts (including tie-dying shirts, making oceans, coloring green pastures, creating wishing wells, making soap), had two snacks and lunch (Snacks: Cookies, Doritos, Cheetos, Gold Fish, Bananas, Strawberries, Fruit Snacks, Rice Crispies, and more! Lunch: PB&J, KFC, Pizza, Chips, and more!), played games (Everybody’s it tag, Strike, Poison dart frog, Silent betrayal, “Get into the circle”, Camouflage, “Chase a specific person tag”, Sharks and minnows, Night at the museum, Statute, and LOTS more.), joked non-stop, and just totaly had a blast. On Wednesday, June 21, we had a Dog Night. You could bring your dog to be blessed. We did worship and played around in the feild. The Dog Night was very fun and important. Everyday we would do something different, and every year all of the campers want to come back. On Friday, June 23, we had a Water Day. No, not the rain, but the hose and the water balloons kinda Water Day. We played games for most of the day and for the second snack we made tie-dye cookies. The camp was such a fun experience, and I know I’ll be back next year!

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